Clean Tech

Smart Composting Units

Biofics manufactures a range of Organic Waste Composting units. All capable of converting your organic waste into fresh organic compost within 24 hours.
The machines are equipped with a smart control system and sensors that eliminate the use of constant handling by an operator.
The machines are available for a wide range of capacities. Visit our Products page to know more about the Biofics Smart Composting Units

Portable Biogas plant

Biogas is produces by anaerobic digestion of organic waste. This biogas is a green energy source and can be used for cooking. It has a significantly less emission of the greenhouse gasses: carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide.
Biogas Plants require huge space and a dedicated facility with tons of amount of waste. They serve biogas for entire villages.
But we, at Biofics have developed a device that produces the same biogas at your home. It is compact in design and requires no electricity. To know more visit Our Products page.

Biogas Plant with 5T Capacity